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What If I Don't Do Anything About Bankruptcy in San Fernando Valley?

There are some instances when filing bankruptcy is not the best option, and we can help you determine that during your free consultation. For example if all of your income is from disability payments or social security, and you have no assets, you may be "judgment proof" — suing you in court would not benefit the creditor, because you have nothing they can take.

However, doing nothing is rarely a good idea — you should at least seek to understand what can happen to you and what your options are for responding to creditor demands. If anyone is threatening you with collection actions or filing a lawsuit against you, ignoring them will not eliminate the debt and will only prolong the inevitable. Eventually they will try to obtain a judgment against you and may be able to proceed against your assets or garnish your wages. And you never want to ignore debts owed to the IRS — they can take actions above and beyond what regular creditors are allowed to take.

We can help you consider your income and assets versus your expenses and debts. This is the best way to assess the situation and then discuss your options. We're here to help you take the worry out of your financial situation, by replacing it with knowledge about your legal options. There likely much more that can be done to resolve your situation than you realize, so contact our Encino bankruptcy attorney today for a free consultation and learn about how to get a financial fresh start.

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