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Everyone at Nader & Berneman was so incredibly helpful from my first consultation all the way to the court date. Ali, Amir, Chris and Elvira were all professional, honest and so friendly. They worked with my 60+ hour a week schedule and walked me through the legal process so there weren't surprises along the way. The reason that led me to them was unfortunate but I am so grateful to them for helping me through the situation

-Glory G.

I have personally known Ali Nader for almost 20 years.  I am also a bankruptcy attorney and Ali and his staff work very hard to help all their client’s needs.  Ali will go out of his way to do what's best for his clients’ interests.

-Nathan B.

My husband and I were really nervous to file bk, but they were so nice and very accommodating and I loved working with everyone there. Especially Elvira as she is so on top of everything and communication is terrific. We really appreciate all the help, the follow up and outstanding service we received from the time we walked in the door to this day. Thank you for everything.


Nader & Berneman is where you want to go! Mr. Nader, Elvira and Jackie where with us all the way, gave us all the support and truly cared to succeed in our case, without them we would not make it through. First time we came to the office and met the crew we did not believe our house could be saved. They made it happen, no question about it! Every time Elvira called me it was good news. She made me smile all the way along. I feel that I owe this amazing team so much because they saved my home! I truly recommend Nader & Berneman for any problem you have with bankruptcy or any General Litigation because they can make it happen! Mr. Nader, Elvira and Jackie thank you!!!

-Ronnie M.

Thanks a lot Elvira and Amir for all you have done and do. You guys totally rock!! :) May God continue to bless you and keep you

-Latasha B.

Nader & Berneman demonstrated courteous and professional representation from the first consultation through the court date.  Elvira Romero was extremely organized professional and courteous. Elvira made sure that during the process; I was familiar and understood every aspect of what I was being asked.  Both Amir and Ali Nader were very prompt in responding to phone calls and made them self-available if there were any questions.

I am delighted to refer Nader & Berneman and the professional and complete manner in which they conduct business.

-Peter O.

I am truly and deeply indebted to so many people in the Nader & Berneman group that there are no words to completely express my gratitude to everyone. This group has been there from the beginning since 2009 during the Great Recession in which I was unfortunately impacted. It is now 2014 and they have walked by me in every step of the way from our bankruptcy filings, charge off disputes, and now recently the successful completion of our refinance this year. Nader & Berneman not only treated me with compassion but was truly concerned for my financial well being.

I didn't feel like I was just a "client" but someone who was part of a team working together. My situation was very complicated and had many hurdles, but nonetheless, Nader & Berneman never gave up and was diligently working hard for my favor. I was a client in the beginning but I can honestly say that they are now lifelong friends. There are very few people in this world that you can truly confide in without being judged and I can honestly say that Nader & Berneman is one of them. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Money cannot buy the peace of mind that you have provided for my family.


Nader & Berneman and their associates were extremely helpful, courteous and professional. They worked with me every step of the way to achieve excellent results and I couldn't recommend them more. They are honest and straightforward and did let not me down. Thanks!

-Nikita M.

I am 64 yrs. old and was about to lose my home. Nader & Berneman saved my home and help me with a plan for my future. From the very first meeting I had a good feeling from everyone there.  They understood my needs before I did.  They answered every question, explained everything step by step.  They not only know the law, but they know people and that is what makes their team the BEST.  I want to say Thank you to all of you and give a big hug to Elvira for always getting back to me when I emailed a question and for her kindness.  When you need legal help, you need the very best and they are the team you want.

-Lynda G.

I am writing this review on behalf of my parents who are extremely happy with the outcome of their case. Since the initial consultation everyone at Nader & Berneman was very helpful and most importantly HONEST. We waited until their case was completed to write a review expecting a surprise or let down, but WOW they came through and helped my parents out and no disappointments along the way. THANK YOU for keeping your word and most importantly for being a legit law firm, who are not money hungry and are actually helping people out.

FYI Si hablan español pregunten por Elvira.
Thank you Elvira for being so nice and helpful to my parents.

-Mary S.

“Mis padres estan extremadamente contentos con los resultadoes de su caso. Desde la primera consulta todos fueron muy honestos. Mis padres tenian miedo que no saldrieran las cosas bien, pero se acabo su caso sin ningun problema. Gracias por no fallar en sus promesos y por ser abogados honestos y responsables. Hay muchas firmas que solo les importana el dinero y les agradezco por ayudar a la gente.

-Mary S. (Spanish translation)

In a very difficult time my husband and I had to decide to visit Mr. Nader's office. Due to my distance from his office and work schedule I was seen late in the day and on the SAME day I called to inquire about our options.

I cannot say enough how much Ali and his amazing staff helped me feel comfortable about a very scary process.

I appreciate Mr. Nader and everything he has done from our first meeting to make this process less intimidating, efficient, and timely. I trust his judgment as he has communicated with me every step of the way, helped me understand all of my options, process, etc. He is personable and non-judgmental. I would highly recommend him for any needs, and I am so appreciative and happy with his services.

There was never a time I waited more than a few hours for a returned phone call or email. They were always so kind and helpful. Elvira especially helped in making this experience less stressful. She was ALWAYS kind, professional and timely. I would recommend Nader & Berneman to ALL my family and friends.

Thank you for everything.

-Erin P.

 Yesterday I was searching on the internet for an attorney to discuss the problem I might have in a personal matter. After calling several attorneys, and talk about a solutions, I end up to find this Law Firm, "Nader & Berneman" the secretary was very polite and knowledgeable with the questions she was asking me, then she set an appointment for me with this gentleman Mr. Ali R Nader, I was so impressed with him, very knowledgeable about his work, and he made me feel like I was discussing my situation with my best friend,  he spent almost two hours of his time to show me what is happening, and what should I do next, step by step, without any expectation. I don't know how to thank him. Any way you need to believe there are still people like Mr. Ali R  Nader serving our community.

-Al T.

I would highly recommed Atty A. Nader to my friends. From day one of my consultation, Robert was so helpful and nice. Chris was so knowledgeable of what he's doing and Elvira was on top of informing of schedule and what to expect. Amir did a good job on my first meeting. Atty A Nader was so nice walked me to the parking and paid my ticket. I did not expect the owner will do that. Just showing how they care for their clients. Thank you all.

-Nestor C.

I, like many others, have gone thru tough times brought from diverse situations and added financial strains. When I hit a point where basic living expenses were a burden for me and my family, I knew I needed help. Someone I trust and have great respect for recommended me to Nader & Berneman. At first I didn't want to go thru with the whole thing because I felt responsible for the debt that I had incurred so I did my best to keep up with all my payments but the physical and mental stress simply became too much.

Finally, I made the visit to the firm where I have been welcomed cordially and the received superb professionalism both by Ali Nader and his legal staff, Elvira and Chris. They have done exceptional work in walking me thru the bankruptcy process. I really thought the process would be complicated but it has actually given me the peace of mind I haven't felt in a long time. If you are experiencing financial hardships, I can sincerely only recommend you to one place... Nader & Berneman . . .

-Irma V.

Great staff and I am very thankful for them!!  Very helpful and they understand that it's not easy coming to a lawyer for help with such a situation as possible bankruptcy.  They are honest and forthright from start to finish a credit to their profession and believe me the law profession contains some shady operators.  Not this firm, I highly recommend hiring this firm for the services they provide!  Special thanks to their understanding receptionist Elvira!!!

-William C.

Mr. Nader, is a very professional man - he gave me some very good advice and helped me out a lot. If  you are looking for a great attorney that knows what he is doing you should go to him. Mr. Nader will not let you down!!!!

Thank you for everything Mr. Nader.

-Debbie D.

These man, Ali Nader, did nothing but help me...from the moment I walked to his office, until these day a year later after he handled my case- He and his staff told me exactly how when and what to expect -A true gentleman - And Honest Lawyer -and a straight business man - yes as good as it gets -

I wish there where more lawyers like him-life will be easier - If you need help or you’re in financial distress talk to the man is free- and he gives you nothing but solid advise


ALI IS THE MAN !!! unbelievable in and out of court after months of suffering the loss of my House , My Job ,My savings just when we were about to give up HE SAVE US AND MY FAMILY


-Victor H.

Nader & Berneman has been superb. From the beginning they gave me a free consultation and very helpful information. I knew I wanted to hire them for my legal matters. They are very informed and have so much experience they made me feel confident with my decisions. They are always there for you the whole entire staff is always willing to answer any new and un-answered questions. I highly recommend them.

-Karla S.

I was beyond pleased with Nader & Berneman and there professional staff. The reason I ever went there was because of the knowledgeable staff. Will recommend them to anyone and I will definitely be back if I need law services again.

-Sally C.

Nader & Berneman is very friendly with one on one consultation and never too busy to take calls and the staff are very helpfull and specially jackie nouri who is actually handling my file and she is efficient and persistent and does not give up untill she gets the results done.Mr nader he cares so much about the client situation and he gives a multiple option for the client to choose which i found that is awesome, not like other lawyers what they really care about is collecting money with no service.

-Zach S.

Ali Nader and Staff: Thank you for going above and beyond, trying to find mutual resolution to my sister’s financial dilemma. Your professionalism, assistance and gracious acts of kindness are greatly appreciated. Thank you again. (I will promise to try to refer less complicated cases in the future.)


Dear Mr. Nader,

Happy new Year! You generosity with me and my situation touches me deeply.. It feels good to know you’re there for me.

All the best,

-Madonna F.

Dear Nader and staff,

Thank you for all of your help during a challenging time in our lives. All of you have made this time easy and uncomplicated for us. We wish you all the best. Thank you.

-Mary & Ara M.

“While in chapter 13 with another attorney, my case was dismissed by the Court and I was about to lose my home and my life! Mr. Nader, took over my case, he saved my home, eliminated my third mortgage, and modified my second mortgage. He also eliminated all of my unsecured debts, all at the same time. Mr. Nader treated my situation like his own.”

-Louis M.

Thank you so much for your help! I came to you at a time in my life when I felt financially broken and when I had few choices. You befriended me and gave me new hope. I will forever be grateful for your assistance.”

-Michael M.

When we came to your office we were so stressed out and at the end of our meeting I felt I had solutions to all of my financial problems, which felt so good!

-Melinda R.

-Thank you for your honest opinion, we appreciate you.”

-Paul H.

To Ali, its wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you’ve done. Just wanted to say you are the Best.

-Karen J.

Dear Ali and staff,

I can’t thank you enough for the outcome of my case. Thank you for being patient with me. I never expected such results and I hope one day I can show you my tremendous gratitude.

-Doctor Sami N.

I cannot go into specifics about my reasons for visiting this firm, but wanted to leave a review for Amir A. Nader.

First, from the moment I called, he gave me a consultation and was upfront about their fees (which are extremely fair). Because of my work schedule, I had to come to their office a bit late and he worked around my schedule. To expedite everything, I sent him all of my paperwork prior to my visit. Amir was incredibly prompt about responding to my emails so that our meeting would be productive.

Second, upon my arrival, I was not kept waiting (a huge pet peeve of mine when I have an appointment). During our consultation, he gave me the most fantastic advice about protecting an invaluable asset of mine. I am positive that had I met with any other attorney they would have taken my money without realizing what was at stake.

Because his primary concern was not compromising my asset, he realized it would not be prudent to work on my case. In other words, he did not take my money because moving forward with me would not have been in my best interest.

After realizing he would not take my case, I wanted to pay him for his time and wonderful advice anyway. He politely refused and even encouraged me to call if I had any questions.

I cannot speak highly enough of the honesty with which this law firm conducts business. Before hiring anyone else, call them and ask to speak to one of the attorneys.

I know they "sound too good to be true." I want to make it clear that no one paid me to write this review; I am not a friend or family member either. Please feel free to email me with any questions or for a reference.

-Annej N.

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